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by delightfulmood

so.. happy news we all can leave earlier on Friday… road trip to Duluth woot woot!!  [yay!  i think i can leave around 4, does that work? dang it they wouldn’t let me have the day off- 4 for me too now maybe 3 if I don’t get called in! 4 is NOT earlier! but its fiiiiine-ill just have to spend more time preparing! also, i can drive (i’m driving my sisters passat until i find a new one!) if we all chip in for gas, since it’s been so carazy expensive lately! nice i did not want to deal with my “wonky?” radio-ipod connection! – jc]

To Do list fun weekend adventuras!:

(to do lists are for weekdays, gotta keep ’em separated!) true true

  • crank the radio for all my (ours turd) fav songs while we head north-dj kristo will decide
  • wild rice burger mmmmm with apricot wheat beer
  • if warmer... head to rocks and enjoy the lake
  • beat my friends at speed scrabble-not if i keep up with my typography terms, study up biaaaaaaas!
  • walk to that pretty story Serendipity by ash’s house [jc]
  • run on the lake walk!!! [jc]
  • pretty drinks and apps at ashley’s house!!! [jc] i think i can make some bread to bring up – maybe we can get yummm cheese at mount royal! ohhhh hoho! and some brats for lyss.  ha! ash mentioned something something about wine spritzers too, i’ve got a lot of random alcohol so i’ll bring some of dat shiat holler. and i’m bringing mad gab and uno.
  • jackie, you were my brat buddy-it won’t be the same! i can eat brats
  • maybe amazing grace sometime? i’ve been craving their sammies, but if jackie brings bread i’m sure we can recreate!