by delightfulmood

bahaha who: jackie, me, kristie and sarah. where: the slopes, some where we have never been in dream land. Apparel: jackie-ski suit from cabin, sarah- spandix black racing ski suit with white contoured lines on sleeves and back side + she was the only one on the small skiis. kristie and i- both had starter jackets! haha purple with a vikings logo in the middle of it with mismatched hats and mittens, we weren’t prepared so we had to dig in someone’s old pile of winter clothes.

So to go skiing where we were skiing we had to have a skiing license- exactly like our drivers licenses. when we found out we couldn’t use our DRIVERS licenses as our SKIING licenses- they had people there that would take pictures of us in our skiing gear (you know to make it an official ski license you have to look like you do ski). Jackie naturally marched up to the exact spot she supposed to be, posed (like the actual picture we took of her at the cabin in the ski suit) and was like good, lets go. mean while kristie and i are running around in circles and into each other laughing our booty’s off- getting no one’s attention…. somehow sarah had to be video taped instead of photographed- they video taped her skiing down a small but steep hill. she was so talented she skied AND DANCED to  music BACKWARDS! that made all of us jealous and we all decided we had to do what sarah did…after that i just remember us being nervous to perform, and trying to find the perfect song  to dance/ski to! i woke up laughing.