Big News

by delightfulmood

I’m moving to Chicago. I start crying when I talk about this so it’s easier the blog way.  Bill was offered a position at the Chicago Cintas location & I’ve decided to go with him-it’s a really exciting and a great opportunity for him (maybe me too!) This might even be the fastest way to get to colorado!  I wish when he told me he replaced Chicago with CO, but I can’t think about that anymore. There’s so many ups and down to this, it for real makes me feel the weirdest I’ve ever felt in my life. SO I’m REALLY REALLY really sad it’s not ITM, but on the upside: Tickets to CO are under $200, fun career possibilities & new contacts, fresh start, and NO MORE OFFICE MAX!!! You know what they say, gotta go east to go west! (?)(they don’t) Help me feel good! I will be with my friends, in the mountains, in the next two years no questions.