by delightfulmood

i’m sorry ive been so blog absent lately! i do check though and its so happy. ill be back soon! getting my world organized here. literally, cleaned up FOUR desks of comm. stuff and organized how i see fit today. our intern is loving it : ) ha, but she is helpful. off to hh tonight and then fair tomorrow! maybe kayak on sunday. woot! hope you both have lovely weekends!

AND, cabin in a week from today! crazy! maybe we should all do one meal then snacks and leftovers in between? thoughts?

so, maybe this post is a repeat, i don’t care. i love. thinking this often in my new 26th year!! seriously going to do some reading, organizing of list for lyssa to get ready for 26!! woo!!!! at least i have you oldies to light the way.

love you! miss you!!

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