by delightfulmood

Oh man, I feel like I haven’t talk to you two in SO long! Like I didn’t even know Lyss was in PA, awesome!! How is it? Pretty, perfect fall? Is Big Will there too? Kris, I’m bummed we’ll miss each other in CO, but plenty of CO time coming up : )

Good thoughts for Jon’s name being called!!!!!!!!!

So! Pat’s interview went well, the EIGHT interviews later and he feels good! The interview with the Pres. went great and he said “you’ve passed all the hurdles in my book, now I want to sell the company to you.” Woot! This is the company, FYI, awesome, http://www.outsideonline.com/outdoor-adventure/best-jobs/More-Best-Places-to-Work-Leisure-Trends-Group-20120801.html. My CU Boulder interview will be either Thurs on phone or Monday in person, hoping for the in person one! Either way, saweeet. I’m going to fly out Friday, rent car and hang with my cousins / stay there Fri and Sat. night, no plans, just going to explore and see the area! Sunday hang out with Pat, back Monday sometime.

AND!! Last night in my sculpt class THIS came on, it was SO great I don’t know how we didnt know it existed. Or did you? WTF is so. LISTEN to it now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXpeCOZSHFU

So, that’s my quick update. Miss you! Love you!

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