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by delightfulmood

[via wintertimegirls]

[via wintertimegirls]


I’ve missed being on here, but am so happy to be back. I’m sitting in front of the fire in a clean apartment, with dinner almost set, and more muffins and dinners just made and put in the freezer for later. Have a yummy cider next to me, and a cuddly dog, who never is this cooperative, so things are seriously good. Except I’m nervous about work tomorrow, but know that it’s a good step to just TRY something new, so I’m reminding myself of that. I also just re-listened to the Steve Jobs Ted Talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/steve_jobs_how_to_live_before_you_die.html), which is such a lovely reminder that all the dots will connect in the end, which is reassuring and happy. Anyways, I felt like I should “set the scene” for some reason because up to now, it’s been unpacking, rearranging, looking for jobs, walking pup, running errands and right this second it’s all done and great and I feel like it’s finally organized enough to sit down and think about THIS YEAR, my goals for 2013 and being happy that I have such great friends and family.

SO, can we share our goals yet? Have you two already done and I’ve missed it?? Hope not. So, I’m inspired by The Happiness Project and wondering if you’d both be into checking up on these goals every month here on the blogo? I think just putting it out here is good for me, to share and be more accountable because of that. SO, here’s my list in no particular order and with the disclaimer that some are light and some are more serious, but for me right now, I think they’re set!

– learn crow in yoga
– send at least 30 days of thank-you’s / hello’s / i love you’s
– send someone cookies in the mail
– go geo-caching
– do running exercises at least 30 days in a row
– make hummus
– don’t waste time on things that matter with people who do. you’ll regret it later and wish you just spent time sharing love, not anger.
– be serious about trying vegan for 3 months, take notes.
– take time to work on ME, reflecting on these goals, writing it down, reading.
– keep trying new things, new people, new places, new hikes, it’s all new, enjoy that.
– simplify, always
– don’t procrastinate things that would take less than a minute to just do.
– treat the ones you love how you would want to be treated.
– never take your lovely, life for granted. give and say thanks.
– think of the POSSIBILITY not the negativity
– run a smart marathon.

so, whew, that’s it and I’m sorry if this was a loooong post, but know that I’m back on here and just that is making me happy. So, looking forward to all this awesomeness. Love you both.