by delightfulmood

you ladies! how was the weekend? kris, hope you are staying warm in MN?? eeek, it sounds freezing. i listen to MPR in the mornings at work, so right now, and it makes me happy.

so, i haven’t figured out how to do pictures here to post on blog, but i can write : ) so, i’m sitting here in my hallway-ish desk with a fresh new sbucks chai trying to have a GREAT attitude about today! keeping busy with actual work and thinking about all the exciting possibilities to get involved with out here, that’s a big thing, (not a resolution), but a goal, think of the possibilities instead of the negativities. is that a word? so, what are you both working on today? relaxing?? i had to leave pat and bud home in front of the fire on their day off, boooo. wait, stopping that attitude, i’m going to be POSITIVE today.

anyways, miss you both a ton, i want to hear about the bach partayyy and minnesota!