^^^ itm fun ahead ^^^

by delightfulmood

because i miss the days of us planning the cabin, I thought we better get a start on all the fun we are going to have ITM soon! feel free to edit and put in your input and any ideas! I will try to add more later too. might be easier to do this via email but all this stuff is so DELIGHTFUL

THURSDAY! Lyss and Bill arrive at 10ish AM in Denver. Dance party stat +hug your brains out! Unfortunately, I might have to be back in Vail that night for class 😦 Wait, this isn’t right anymore, right Kris? You get to be in Boulder for fun times!? RIGHT? SO, i’m going to have to work a half day BUT i can do that from home in boulder. SOOooo maybe Kris goes to pick you up and by time you get to my apt to unload stuff I’ll be done. coolio? then partayyyy time! Hopefully! i will find out tomorrow night. Anything that Bill really wants to do while in CO? He has good friend in Boulder that he’d like to see, will invite him to same dinner as my fam. which hopefully TH works, waiting to hear back from them.Dinner with your fam Thursday AL? Duh, way smarter, Thurs. night din din is open for fun with fam! Hopefully we can do brewery before, i think all would like it, they have a CHAI beer and a chocolate stout! even I LIKE, weird. (ps. this is jackie and will continue to write more in red 🙂

FRIDAY! DAY FUN:Cute shops? i feel kinda weird suggesting bc you guys know the good stuff ! but i will say it’d be nice to go to dinner somewhere so that my aunt and uncle could meet us there for a drink or something. totally to cute shops! i want to take you to pearl street for a walkabout, grab wine somewhere : ) or a bloody! so kris/i/jon/pat thought that driving to Vail friday afternoon would probably be better (like 5) From the sounds of it, Friday might be the busiest earlier we leave prolly the better since there is likely to be annoying traffic on the way north. does that work? maybe we have drinks with your fam thurs. or earlier on friday? whatever their sched. is we can make!

was also thinking things in boulder to do: in whatever order we want!:

  • hike, i have a few in mind! some that are more a workout, and others can be nice walk.
  • hike picnic / drink time
  • explore pearl st. FUN!
  • go to a couple breweries get drunk (kris and i hey! and lyssa! i love getting drunk! both think!) pat and i reallly like Avery which is close by. could do before thurs. night din din!?
  • pool time! marco/polo (yay!!!!) it’s supposed to be hot, so after a hike, we could bloody by the pool : ) i got the pepper vodka which i think makes the BEST bloodies! even kris will like : ) Have been looking forward to FOR.EV.ER! we will see 😉 or cider : ) Late Afternoon: Road Trip to Vail: DP’s in car then Night time: GAMES!/ MOVIE NIGHT- get out the smores and popcorn! Need to start training Billy to stay up later than 8PM! SO … i will add my road trip song requests to a spotify playlist, then lyss can you combine ours with yours? i think you’re the only one with premium, right? I do. You sending to me? Well we can do together too, just easier to merge on computer than phone.I’ll post on spotify and tell you when!

SATURDAY  Go Pro Events: check out http://www.mountaingames.com/summer/athletes/schedules/2013-event-schedule.aspx i’m up for an go pro stuff!

Day Hike (love this! should we wait for jon and then allll go!?) yes lets!- fyi lyss he has to work in the morning now- boo) Pancake Brunch while we wait? Piney Lake might be open otherwise to the waterfalls at Booth Creek then check out GO PRO FUN in town, ___, ____Dinner: grill out?  and pre-drinks then free concert grouplove: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwB-iVAfnMo , i might be a groupie for these random bands i don’t know and show off my dance skills. otherwise do the movie night  pat and i are getting stuff together for a meal, YAY!probably a lunch since it’s easy to throw together. so what if we take meals for the vail part of the trip? lunch – jackie/pat dinner – ____ breakfast – ____ / OR if you don’t want to do that I totally understand. Pat realllly wanted to get a new crock pot and try out a pulled pork recipe. so that’s all ready to go for quick sandwiches and I have a big salad I could make to go with it + chips and that’s a fast meal. so maybe lunch after the hike and then a late dinner? I vote to have his pork for Friday night dinner..(i think that sounds good too, one thing though, do you have a microwave? yup we do he’s concerned it won’t get hot enough fast enough for a dinner that night, but i think it will …)  i feel like Pat’s food would make me ready to kick your butts at games and salad will be nice to have around for lunch sat or sunday!

i also am going to make some appetizers that i can freeze and bring up, which could be a friday night snack too. wait, as i write this, i realized that the jackie/pat meal could also be friday dinner when we all first get to peterson apt!? Yes! I do feel like we should all have a nice dinner out together in vail, does that sound ok? maybe we grill for lunch and then dinner out on saturday? or not, i’ll be happy just being together, im overthinking … this meal stuff is kinda confusing to me but i’m up for whatever! Play by ear? haha yes, i was just excited that pat was so excited about the crock pot! : ) Yes, bring meals then we can play by ear if we want to eat out/ grill/ whatevs

SUNDAY! Morning- guys golf?  (pat is SO excited! already has his golf shoes out : ) Bill is outta control! about golf our seeing us? Would there be golf clubs for him to rent or use? He’s debating buying a hard case to fly his clubs in but it’s 200+ so to avoid that would be awesome! Jon is looking into it! He will text bill i LOVE how excited they are! I’ll have him txt Jon Boy. Girls- Quick breakfast- smoothies/ chia pudding(yes, yum!!) / or just good ol grapefuit? Mm my fav. Free yoga ITM outside in the park itm at 10 am Jackie do you have a extra mat for Lyss? followed by jackie and lyss running up mountain and kris taking gondola up for picnic then reunite with our lovers bahah sounds awesome! lyss and i will need to run too  …. or walk fast at that altitude. Yikes, nervous! Just getting back into running today 😦 its ok. running has been off and on for me here. I will chase you with a stick.but also 🙂 head back to Boulder that night as late as possible. we’ll have to have sips of wine all day so pat has to drive home. Clever. Off the top of your head, do you know if it would be easy to get cab to denver in am? Bill and I will research.no way, i can drive you. it’ll be perfect timing to get to work early.

MONDAY! lyss and bill decide they will miss me too much and will stay. Start Planning the next shenanigans.yay!!!! / booo : ( already don;t want this trip to be over.

(it makes me just happy to type that many days for your visit!)

things that need to happen: add a !!!!! to the end of all these, can. not. wait. 

self timer pictures

dance party

mountain picnic/hike

some sort of happy cocktail: I wanna try moscow mule!yay! got the stuff at home, we can bring THOSE to pool too. Also have a drink i wanna try! It’s similar to vodka cranberries only looks way yummier! i think we blogged it once. 

movie popcorn night!

game night! we have a fun one we’ll bring. cards?? We got some but maybe bring a extra set 

summer olympics … if possible! i’m trying to get a bags set :  ) Beer/water pong or Cups … any one have bocce? SUNDAY FUN DAY!

ps i signed you guys up for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdmVIxSiZks

Take a spin on Kballz new wheels, peg/handle bar style.

things to bring:

alyssa/bill -camera,hiking stuff/yoga comfy clothes’ bring layers, its way warmer in boulder, but chillier at night, vail is just always freezing : ) cold hands warm hearts here

both of you – bring swimsuit to boulder!! kris, do you know if we might be able to get into any vail pool?! nah we busy with other fun things… plus way busy this weekend with tourists and too cold. i can fill up my bath tub if needed. 

don’t bring, nail polish! i have a ton and a new sample of the essie summer colors : )